[msvcrt] properly align struct _stati64's st_size

Hans Leidekker hans at it.vu.nl
Sun Feb 4 03:21:36 CST 2007

On Sunday 04 February 2007 06:58:58 Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> To make sure that Wine headers are free of alignment bugs we have
> dlls/*/tests/generated.c auto generated by tools/winapi. We just need
> to add msvcrt types to tests.dat.

Sure, that will help fixing Wine alignment bugs. But an MSVC source
that makes assumptions about the alignment of __int64, when recompiled
as a Winelib app with GCC could still prove to be very hard to debug.

So it's important to find a way to make all 64 bit types align on 8
byte boundaries, like MinGW does as well. We have to do it selectively
of course, because Unix libraries have different assumptions about the
alignment of 64 bit types.


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