user32: WM_SETFONT on button doesn't repaint directly

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Feb 6 00:17:27 CST 2007

"Clinton Stimpson" <cjstimpson at> wrote:

> This patch fixes WM_SETFONT on a button to not paint directly.  Instead, 
> it calls InvalidateRect.
> A test is included that demonstrates that no paint events come out of 
> sending a WM_SETFONT.
> Thanks,
> Clinton Stimpson
> ChangeLog:
>    Setting font on button doesn't repaint directly.

I think that your previous version of the test that called UpdateWindow
and demonstrated that WM_SETFONT triggers full painting sequence was more
correct. I have no idea though why it has not been accepted.

Also, as a way to simplify the test there is no need to create a font,
I'd suggest to use GetStockObject to retrieve a handle to one of the stock


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