DirectDrawRenderer=opengl - screen size changeable for final rendering?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Feb 8 12:01:04 CST 2007

Am Dienstag 06 Februar 2007 14:13 schrieb Christoph Frick:
> hiho
> what i ever wondered but never dared to ask:
> i tried recently the said key with jagged alliance 2. as the game has
> quite a low resolution 640 or 800 it would be nice to allow higher
> resolutions when rendering ddraw with opengl (e.g. game wants 800 but
> for the final rendering use 1600). is this doable via registry or
> somewhere else? for the files: i run the apps in desktop-mode.
Do you mean if if you can use a higher resolution than the game sets? For 
Direct3D games this can work, but for DirectDraw it is going to fail.

Direct3D games which draw only untransformed vertices pass coordinates in the 
range of [-1.0 ; +1.0], which later get scaled to viewport coordinates. With 
a different viewport we can trick the game into doing that. It will get 
tricky when the app draws transformed vertices(which have screen 

DirectDraw games access the screen directly by using coordinates from 0, 0 to 
with, height. If wine makes the surface bigger the rendering will just end up 
in a corner. The best thing we can do is to scale it, but that is what your 
monitor does if you set a lower resoltution.

So you *may* be able to trick the game into using a different resolution, but 
this will have to be a per-game hack and can't be done in general.
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