How to find rendering code

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Feb 8 12:10:03 CST 2007

Am Mittwoch 07 Februar 2007 00:14 schrieb Markus:
> Hi,
> I am new to Wine development and wanted to ask on the list, whether someone
> could point me to the correct place where the code for issues 3 and 4 in
> might be located. It looks like
> the solution could be rather straightforward to implement but I have no
> idea how to find the respective rendering method.
The first step is usually to find out which library the game uses for 
rendering: Try some debug channels: d3d7, d3d8, d3d9, opengl . Whatever 
channel spits out most lines during rendering is the most likely rendering 
method used. I suspect d3d9 for this game. For d3d games the code you will 
find most interesting is in dlls/wined3d. Opengl is located in dlls/opengl32 
and dlls/winex11.drv.

d3d7 has some parts in dlls/ddraw, d3d8 in dlls/d3d8 and d3d9 in dlls/d3d9. 
But those libraries are usually not the cause for bugs like the ones you see.
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