Helping a user migrate an odbc app to Wine

Boaz Harrosh boazharrosh at
Thu Feb 8 11:52:39 CST 2007

On 2/8/07, Rolf Kalbermatter <r.kalbermatter at> wrote:
> Ouch, I wouldn't see how this could work. Running the Microsoft
> drivers together with the whole Microsoft ODBC manager under Wine
> too would probably be the only way to get that working. But I think
> it is safe to assume that that would require quite some work in Wine
> before this could possibly work, not to talk about license issues.
> Rolf Kalbermatter

This is totally not true and it is right there in documentation. (User guide)
All you do is install mdac downloadable from, or any MS
product like Office. Than run odbcad32.exe to set your DSNs. that's
it, works like a charm and is the only known way to man to connect to
an MSSQL server from Unix.
After you install MDAC, you can also install Oracle's drivers for
windows but that is a bit more tricky, just like on windows.
Also search archives it was there before.

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