Bugzilla: Adding a 'patch' keyword

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Fri Feb 9 05:56:40 CST 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> Since nobody else jumped on this, I went ahead and added a "patch"
> keyword.


So now I finally discover that after all it is possible to use the query 
system to get a list of the bugs that have patches. So we don't need 
the 'patch' keyword :-/ Sorry for all the noise.

The trick is to use the 'Advanced Querying Using Boolean Charts' at the 
bottom, select 'Attachment is patch', 'is equal to' and '1'. Or as a 
neat URL:


So this shows that there are 128 open bugs with patches.

So that's 128 bugs to check:
 * either the patch has been applied to WineHQ and then the bug should 
be closed (unless there are other issues, but then maybe these should go 
in a separate bug).
 * or the patch is just waiting for someone to review it, polish it up 
and send it to wine-patches (ok it might need a bit more than just 
polishing, but still, it's a start).

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