comctl32: rebar: rewrite the layouting code

Paul Vriens at
Fri Feb 9 12:33:38 CST 2007

Mikołaj Zalewski wrote:
> Dan Kegel wrote:
>> Mikołaj wrote:
>>> I've tested it also with WinRAR, WinSCP3 3.30, 7-Zip and Pirch98 (the
>>> last two have Bugzilla entries and are fixed by the new code). The only
>>> thing I've found not to work are the sidebars of IE.
>> Did they work with the old code?
> WinRAR did. Other had bigger or smaller problems.
>>> For the next week I won't work on wine but what should I do later -
>>> would such a big patch be accepted?
>> As long as it doesn't cause regressions in IE, probably,
>> though adding more conformance tests would
>> make acceptance more likely.
> IE sidebars didn't work before and the main toolbar seems to work OK. 
> Even the sidebars seems to work slighty better as some horizontal 
> toolbar are now visible. Next week I'll add some more tests - especially 
> I'd need to test RB_MAXIMIZE/RB_MINIMIZE and changing the band cx.
> Mikolaj Zalewski

I think Process Explorer (V10.21) benefits from your patch as well. The only 
issue I've seen so far (with the patch) is minimizing/maximizing the window and 
when the whole window has to be redrawn (basically the same thing).

Without the patch it's far worse.



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