Wine beta ASIO-driver.

Tor Einar Tønnessen t.e.tonnessen at
Fri Feb 9 13:18:38 CST 2007


First let me introduce myself. I am Tor Einar Toennessen ( actually
Tønnessen ). I am from Norway. I have followed the development of Wine a
little bit on and off over some years ( maybe about 10 ). My main
interrest with Wine is in the audio and midi area.

I would like to comment on the asio-driver. 
I think its marvellous that wine has got an ASIO-capable audio-driver.

The patch do however no longer apply cleanly to todays git-version.
Secondly I had some trouble getting it to work, until I found out that I
had to run "autoheader" not just "autoconf" in order to to get the
symbol HAVE_ASIO_SDK_ASIO_H into config.h (via

Also I would like very much that you (Robert Reif isn't it ?) develop
the driver a little further. The first thing beeing a control-panel.

But what is most import I think , is to make a new patch that works on
todays wine, and get it into the ReadMe that one must run autoheader to.

In that way more people can make it work and test it out...

Tor Einar

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