opengl code, WoW and graphic cards with 64MB video memory

Nick Law nlaw at
Sat Feb 10 08:24:04 CST 2007

This is probably a question for Roderick or Stefan or anybody that is 
familiar with the opengl code in wine.

It could be just a coincidence, however it seems that most users that 
have the problem where WoW hangs after login in, seem to have graphics 
cards with 64MB memory. Is it possible that the opengl code may not 
handle a condition where memory runs out on the graphics card and 
generates the following error ..

/The instruction at '0x00000000' referenced memory at '0x00000000'.
The memory could not be "read"./

Does the opengl code test for such a condition or does it assume there 
is an infinite amount of graphics card memory and the application should 
test for this anyway ?

Nick Law

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