opengl code, WoW and graphic cards with 64MB video memory

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Feb 11 06:53:15 CST 2007

Am Samstag 10 Februar 2007 15:44 schrieb Chris Robinson:
> AFAIK, OpenGL doesn't really care how much video memory you have. If you
> run out, it'll just start hapilly swapping to your system RAM automatically
> (with a nice performance hit). If your system RAM runs out, then you can
> have problems.
Yes, opengl does not have the concept of video memory like DirectX has. OpenGL 
implementations can work without video memory, for example mesa software 
rendering, or rendering using a remote opengl server.

On implementations with video memory, the opengl driver has to take care of 
that. The way it does that is transparent to wine and the applications.

> That error, though, looks like its trying to use an extension that the
> driver/card doesn't fully support. It gets a NULL pointer for some
> function, tries to call it without checking, and you get a nice NULL
> pointer dereference.
It doesn't have to be caused by opengl at all.
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