AppDB performance issue

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Sun Feb 11 21:17:54 CST 2007

Nick Law wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Just lately, I've noticed that AppDB seems to be very slow, i.e it can
> take15 seconds or more for a page to come up or simply to login. Is
> there a bandwidth problem or is the server getting overwhelmed or is
> it a problem at my end (UK). 30 seconds later it's back to being very
> responsive as if the server was a bit overloaded for 30 seconds or so.
> Other websites I try at the time work fine including winehq. Is winehq
> on a different server ?
I have noticed this too and it is very annoying. Yes
qpdb.winehq.or and are all on the same server.

Winehq and bugzilla are quite snappy but the AppDB is a pig now.

I have know idea what is wrong


Tony Lambregst

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