wineboot: Start items in StartUp folder on boot, includes security measures.

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sun Feb 11 22:27:06 CST 2007

James Hawkins wrote:
> On 2/11/07, Misha Koshelev <mk144210 at> wrote:
>> Ok, thanks to everybody's responses on the wine-devel list. Here is my
>> new version of this patch. It starts the items in the StartUp folder
>> like Windows does (again, if anybody who knows about IShellFolder will
>> look over my code that would be great :) I tested it and it works for
>> the Vector NTI installer, but I would really like to have an expert's
>> opinion on whether it is missing osmething). There were a lot of
>> comments on wine-devel about malware using this system to start itself
>> so here is what I added:
>> To me it seems like this would be enough to prevent malware from using
>> this system because the user could just click no or never. Also, someone
>> pointed out that wineboot already runs quite a lot of other RUN registry
>> keys that can be used for malware, and currently there is no system for
>> these keys like the one I made for startup. Any comments will be
>> appreciated. Thanks.
> These anti-malware changes are unnecessary.  We implement Wine to be
> bug-for-bug compatible with Windows.  Windows doesn't ask this
Then you will have to implement all the required functionality to allow
anti-malware programs to function properly. Until then, Wine have to
have some solutions to prevent nasty things to run on Wine. The excuse
"bug-for-bug" will not cut it here! If you want that - you should not
have ever switched to Linux in the first place.


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