wineboot: Start items in StartUp folder on boot, includes security measures.

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sun Feb 11 23:17:31 CST 2007

On Sunday 11 February 2007 06:49:58 pm richardvoigt at wrote:
> This sounds almost perfect.

What would stop the program from adding the registry key itself when placing 
the item in the startup folder, or wherever else?

> I think the counterpoint raised by James 
> Hawkins would be adequately addressed by adding a winecfg option as
> follows:

Sounds like it's just asking if it should ask.

I'm not really sure what you could do as a user that a program couldn't just 
override and do itself. Besides, users might not know whether what's being 
installed into an auto-start key/folder is necessary, deny it for "safety 
concerns", and have a broken installation.

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