extract DLL calls from exe file (i.e. from portable executable)

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Feb 12 14:02:34 CST 2007

Am Montag 12 Februar 2007 18:56 schrieb Luis C. Busquets Pérez:
> Dear all,
> I send this e-mail to you as I have not found a particular section to
> put it. I have developped a little program that enables to know the
> functions an exe or dll calls. I understand that it may be really
> helpful to know if a program will run perfectly on wine or if there is
> still a function missing.
I think wine-devel is the better list for that. For inclusion in wine please 
send diffs against the wine code rather than some zipped sources. And I am 
not sure if pascal is allowed in wine. C or bash scripts are better.

> The idea behind this program is the following:
> A program compiled to run on MS Windows calls a number of system/program
> libraries.
> This tool enables to know which functions a program compiled for MS
> Windows needs.
I think winedump does that, but I could be mistaken

> A tool such as WINE provides an implementation of the Windows API. This
> implementation has to provide at least the calls that the program calls
> in order to run correctly under WINE.
Well, not really. That a function is implemented in wine does not necessarily 
mean that it is free of bugs. In most cases applications do not run because 
of bugs in the implementation rather than missing functions.

> TODO: At this point, you are able to know the calls. In a future time,
> extrdll or a script will be able to read the functions that WINE has
> implemented and tell a user which dlls or functions on dlls the program
> is missing to run correctly.
There are some other issues too: I don't speak pascall, but can your program 
deal with lazy linking, i.e. functions loaded after startup with LoadDLL? And 
I think you will not be able to read COM interfaces. For example for 
Direct3D9 you will see only one call, CreateDirect3D9, although d3d9 has 
numerous interfaces with a few hundred methods.
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