Starting work on wine (Direct X Help)

Nathan Williams nathan.andrew.williams at
Mon Feb 12 20:39:30 CST 2007

Yeah, I'm not too interested in the sound right now, but I aim to work on
that eventually.

As for managed mode, unless I'm mangling the wine terminology, what i mean
is that it will only show up if I use a command such as:

wine explorer /desktop=foo,640x480 CARM95.EXE

I'll do some looking into the GetDC calls now.
Thank you!

On 2/13/07, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> wrote:
> Am Dienstag 13 Februar 2007 02:43 schrieb Nathan Williams:
> > I want to get my hands dirty in the wine source code but I need a
> > little guidance, hopefully from someone working on the DirectX
> > sections of wine.
> >
> > I've decided I want to get Carmageddon working properly.
> > I have already added it to the appdb
> > (
> > for the windows version.
> > My main question is, how can I go about linking the visual bugs that I
> > see with the area of code that needs work?
> > I have worked with DirectX before and I am capable of coding tests and
> > hooking directx on windows if needed.
> I am working on Direct3D and DirectDraw, and I wrote the new DirectDraw
> over
> WineD3D implementation.
> From looking at the (tiny) description in the appdb it seems that there
> are 3
> different issues. The "lenght not multiple" messages are sound related - I
> hardly know about that. The "managed" issue, do you mean it only runs in a
> virtual desktop, or when you allow the window to be controlled by the
> linux
> window manager? Last, the flawky menus and cutscenes could be because of
> the
> lack of a proper GDI engine. You can test that by enabling the ddraw debug
> channel and searching for GetDC calls.

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