Regression in comctl32

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Feb 15 02:10:50 CST 2007

"Pavel Troller" <patrol at> wrote:

>  I just found a regression in comctl32 and bisected it successfully.
>  The following commit
> 369749dcb2ba12ce8481503543afd18ad99805d1 is first bad commit
> commit 369749dcb2ba12ce8481503543afd18ad99805d1
> Author: Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at>
> Date:   Mon Feb 12 16:47:56 2007 +0800
>    comctl32: Make ImageList_Read and ImageList_Write compatible with each other, simplify the code.
> :040000 040000 7a8b282d58c6a6111ad0995eb8d47cbfbc8cadb0 afca21972669e3d013eef8de59556675a0bc798b M      dlls
> causes that IDA Pro shows black squares instead of its toolbar icons.

The regrssion was reported already and the the bug #7405 tracks
its status. I'm working on it.


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