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Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Feb 15 12:35:19 CST 2007

Keith H. Pratt wrote:
> Hi,
> I went to a Microsoft Launch for their enterprise and business products
> this past tuesday, and they gave me a full version of Office 2007
> Professional. Nice of them huh. Well, I am a linux user, and an avid
> evangelist for open source, and for anything that lets thw linux and
> windows world work together. I also have spent a considerable amount of
> time testing and bug reporting beta software. 
> With all that said, here's my point.
> What can I do with this software to help you in the testing and
> development of wine? I run a dual-boot system with winxp and ubuntu
> linux. linux is where i work, and windows is there to make it easier to
> support my clients in their windows machines.
> If theres nothing now that applies to wine and office 2007, maybe keep
> this message for when the need does arise.

Hi Keith,

It would help if you could try to install it with Wine and report any 
problems that arise in bugzilla. If I can help you get past any issues, 
I will.

Rob Shearman

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