regression in 613998d4f6ff953a22a4455a28f77d2126642c7d

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Fri Feb 16 02:02:34 CST 2007

Hi Shanren,

your commit 613998d4f6ff953a22a4455a28f77d2126642c7d
Author: Shanren Zhou <shanren at>
Date:   Mon Feb 12 19:53:51 2007 -0800

    comctl32: Add header tests.

generates a Coverity Warning in this code:

    HIMAGELIST hImageList;
    HIMAGELIST hImageListRetVal;
    hImageListRetVal = (HIMAGELIST) SendMessage(hWndHeader, HDM_SETIMAGELIST, 0, (LPARAM) &hImageList);

HDM_SETIMAGELISTs parameter is used and stored, so hImageList 
should be: 
- initialized to something (likely 0 is ok, didnt check)
- and not a pointer (did you add the & just to kill the warning?)

Ciao, Marcus

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