DIB Engine, some summarization

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Fri Feb 16 10:36:13 CST 2007

> This sounds like a really simple way to support client-side and
> server-side drawing without the mixing that causes repeated network
> transfers: gdi32.dll GetDC, GetClientDC, and CreateCompatibleDC would
> all be done client-size, while IDirectWhatever::GetDC would return a
> device context that is strictly server-side.
Not necessarily a good idea.

DirectDraw (software emulation) would profit a lot from client side DCs. On 
the other hand, for GetDC on a Direct3D rendertarget(aka opengl frame 
buffer), a server side context may help together with the 
GLX_texture_from_pixmap extension(maybe, the extension does not match exactly 
what we need). My other(crazy) idea is to implement GDI calls in opengl, or 
at least a part of them, and fall back to downloading the framebuffer, 
drawing in software and uploading again otherwise. Would we call that client 
side or server side rendering?

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