-ansi, -pedantic warnings and errors on

Joris Huizer joris_huizer at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 07:08:53 CST 2007


I was looking at the result of configuring with -ansi,
-pedantic flags. It gives loads of warnings (not all
relevant - also complaining about 'long long' not
being ansi) and indicates unnamed unions, among other
Could someone confirm my idea that unnamed unions must
all be dealt with? Am hoping to fix those if I get it
to compile thus far;

At this point, it complains about
include/wine/unicode.h which has the combination
'extern' and 'inline', which it doesn't like.
Getting rid of that, with -Dinline=__inline__, helps
it get a bit further

Next it complains about is libs/wine/string.c, which
implements several functions that are also implemented
in include/wine/unicode.h. These are again the 'extern
inline' functions.

As most headers have 'static inline' instead of
'extern inline', with the advantage of not having to
duplicate the functions. I'm hoping this is an allowed
fix, it gets compiling further anyway

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