Resend 1/4 NtCreateMailslotFile tests

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Feb 17 12:16:46 CST 2007

Jeff L a écrit :
> Eric Pouech wrote:
>> Jeff Latimer a écrit :
>>> Establish the framework for testing NtCreateMailslotFile.  Have 
>>> fixed issues with NTSTATUS return codes etc.
>> those tests belong to dlls/ntdll, not dlls/kernel32
>> also, if the test is for ntdll functions, it shouldn't use kernel32 
>> ones... hence, NtClose should be used instead of CloseHandle
> I put the proposition a while ago about putting the tests in kernel32 
> as, although they are ntdll functions,  they related to mailslot 
> functions and relating the tests would be easier on the tester.  I 
> take it that that is not the case?
my call would be to put the tests for functions sitting in DLL X in the 
directory X/tests, even if we need to rewrite some code (or bother some 
code from some other tests)
but as the API are different, we need in the end the both sets of test

rationale behind this:
- that's what is the most logical
- when someone changes DLL X, he/she doesn't want (at first) to rerun 
the tests from every DLL

note: there's currently only one case of this (in kernel32/tests) for 
virtual memory, and it should be moved to ntdll


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