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Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Feb 17 23:47:25 CST 2007

"Robert Shearman" <rob at> wrote:

>> this one should be added to windows.h (maybe it's not the best
>> place for it, but it works):
>> #define stricmp strcasecmp
> This define is not present in the Platform SDK. It is a by-product of 
> using glibc instead of msvcrt as your C library. If you used the headers 
> in include/msvcrt and added -lmsvcrt to the linker command line then it 
> should have worked out of the box. If you want to link against glibc, 
> then think of changing stricmp to strcasecmp as part of porting the program.

Rob is right, but I'd like to point out to a caveat caused by using
strcasecmp instead of a Win32 API: since Unix and Wine internal (Win32)
*are* different, that could lead to subtle bugs in many locales.


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