Error in ntdll/module.c?

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sun Feb 18 05:53:12 CST 2007

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Iversen <chrivers at> writes:

    Christian> (Please CC me, I'm not on the list)

    Christian> According to:


    Christian> The parameter order for LdrGetProcedureAddress is (Handle,
    Christian> Function, Ordinal, Address)

    Christian> The file dlls/ntdll/module.c has the order as (Handle,
    Christian> Ordinal, Function, Address)

    Christian> This of course works well because kernel32.dll is the only
    Christian> caller (and it indeed uses, if not the correct, then at least
    Christian> the same order).

    Christian> I haven't attached a patch, because I'm not actually sure
    Christian> which version is right. Anyone?

Write a test for our test suite and run the test on wine and a windows
machine. Send at least the test.


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