Lost KOI8-U.

Oleh R. Nykyforchyn nick at pu.if.ua
Sun Feb 18 13:59:13 CST 2007

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007 16:06:04 +0300
Anatoly Lyutin <vostok at etersoft.ru> wrote:
> For generate collation table The cpmap.pl (/libs/wine) takes data from 
> www.unicode.org and I find some bugs  in it.
> Cpmap.pl uses for generate KOI8-U but in www.unicode.org this file absences!
> I can not understand it... =(

Some time ago I proposed a patch to support KOI8-U, and it was committed. I submitted an extra
function to cpmap.pl to build KOI8-U file from KOI8-R.TXT from unicode.org, but afterwards I
found out that cpmap.pl is left almost intact, except for a reference to KOI8-U.TXT that is absent at
unicode.org. I guess that there is KOI8-U.TXT added to the local copy of ftp.unicode.org at winehq.org.
It is quite reasonable because KOI8-U is an approved RFC**** and there cannot be a confusion because
of distinct versions of this file.

I hope that Wine team will not abandon KOI8-U support, at least I depend on it.

Oleh R. Nykyforchyn

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