Make wineprefixcreate put wordpad.exe where XP does; fixes bug 5627

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Feb 18 22:11:46 CST 2007

[reposting to right list.  Maybe I should break down and subscribe to wine-devel
so I can just hit 'reply'...]

Detlef wrote:
>The Idea sounds good, but your Patch is wrong for every
>system in the World, that does not use English as locale:

Oh, right.  Well, at least I'm enthusiastic, if not wise :-)

I guess the way to fix this right would be to
analogous to IDS_PROGRAM_FILES;
that would let us localize the path in shell32.dll,
and setupapi.dll could handle it just like it does IDS_PROGRAM_FILES already
(it translates the %16422% into the localized Program Files
directory name).

Then maybe get rid of the need to create the directores
in wineprefixcreate by modifying create_fake_dll in
setupapi/fakedll.c to create the directories if they don't exist.

Lotta trouble to go through just to support broken-ish
apps that need to know where wordpad is, but
maybe I'll see about doing it if nobody else fixes this.

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