a big fan of your work

Jeffrey Sabarese core5fedora at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 13:21:39 CST 2007

hi there! I have to wonder if i don't use WinE more than the "average"
Fedora Core 5 user. I am forever trying to figure out how to run my
old Windows apps here in the linux environment, using your incredible

If ever you seek a "test subject", or feedback of any kind, please
don't hesitate to include me as a candidate for some "volunteer work".

If i may be so bold, i wish to address an issue related to WinE and
some Web Development software:

I have been able to successfully install, and use the Web Dev IDE,
HomeSite+ (as in "the homesite which comes w/ dreamweaver nowadays").
previous to this, i was unable to get Bradbury's TopStyle Lite to
operate under WinE due to the inability to "find Internet Exlorer",
yet it seems as though HomeSite opens TopStyle w/out it's dependecy on
IE keeping it from opening (bypassing the "warning" you might say).
[can i just say it's sooo cool to finally have TopStyle here in
Linux!!! thank you!).

I guess you could say then that my question for you is:
"How might i go about trying to get IE6 to be "recognized" by such
WinE-apps as TopStyle?"

I have installed, and use the "ies4linux"
( here for more info if you're unfamiliar with it:
), but though it works VERY well launching from the Fedora Terminal, i
can't seem to get it to be recognized by "Windows" (WinE) as an
available Browser. The apps i've tried which seem unable to integrate
it are
  i. EditPlus 2.x (current)
  ii. TSW WebCoder 5 (as TSW Webcoder 2005 ( Delphi ) will NOT run on
WinE, though i wish i did as i have a purchased licence)
  iii. TopStyle Lite
  iv. HomeSite
Dreamweaver 8 will both run on WinE, and execute "normally", the
ies4linux IE6-- yet, obviously there is a primary difference in that
IE is NOT integrated into DreamWeaver as "part of the app", as it is
in WebCoder and TopStyle. My best guess is that those apps have some
security measure preventing a "non-standard" IE to become part of its
processes. who knows.

anyway-- i thought there was something else, but i suppose that's more
than enough b.s. from me from one sitting.

good luck in your work! if you have any ideas for my situation, i'd
appriciate your input. again, please don't hesitate to inquire if
you'd like for me to "test" anything for you and report my findings. i
realize you probably have a whole lot of people already out there, but
feel free to add me to the list.

--Jeff Sabarese

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