0.9.31 not suitable for gaming

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Feb 19 23:37:31 CST 2007

  I've tried 0.9.31 and it seems that there is a regression in at least two
  - Fallout Tactics (BOS.exe): Shows a dialog stating
"C:\dev\phoenix\display\win32\win32_window.cpp(873): **fatal error**:
Could not create display buffers"
and then another one about abnormal termination of the program and quits.
  - Steam based games, mainly HL2: During game load, the screen goes black.
Moving the cursor causes sound effects as it hovers across the menus and
buttons, so the program runs, but nothing can be seen.
  Both those games are known to work with wine at about a half between .29
and .30. 
  I tried it with basic .31 as well as with today's git update.
  Are those regressions known and is it a work in progress, or should I make
a bisecting session to find the problem ?
            With regards, Pavel Troller

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