0.9.31 not suitable for gaming

H. Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 03:31:15 CST 2007

On 20/02/07, Pavel Troller <patrol at sinus.cz> wrote:
> Hi!
>   I've tried 0.9.31 and it seems that there is a regression in at least two
> games:
>   - Fallout Tactics (BOS.exe): Shows a dialog stating
> "C:\dev\phoenix\display\win32\win32_window.cpp(873): **fatal error**:
> Could not create display buffers"
> and then another one about abnormal termination of the program and quits.
>   - Steam based games, mainly HL2: During game load, the screen goes black.
> Moving the cursor causes sound effects as it hovers across the menus and
> buttons, so the program runs, but nothing can be seen.
>   Both those games are known to work with wine at about a half between .29
> and .30.
>   I tried it with basic .31 as well as with today's git update.
>   Are those regressions known and is it a work in progress, or should I make
> a bisecting session to find the problem ?
>             With regards, Pavel Troller
It's a bit unfortunate that right before the release a couple of
regressions appear to have crept in. I think that at least the one in
HL2/CSS is supposed to be fixed in current git, so if it isn't it
probably makes sense to do a regression test.

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