[9/10] WineD3D: Use VBOs for index buffers

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Tue Feb 20 13:48:02 CST 2007

Am Dienstag 20 Februar 2007 16:54 schrieb Mirek:
> I tried it three times in different places, it helped in some games:
> Flatout II - graphic in menu was without any problems, but game crashed
> (still regression).
> HalfLife 2 EO - works, I was in game only about 2 minuts and it look fixed
> Alpine Sky Racing 2007 - works
> TES IV: Oblivion - still crashing while loading (it just hang while
> loading, picture is frozen, and I have to manualy kill it)
> So it fixed something, but not all regressions.
Yes, there is another case of that in IWineD3DVertexBufferImpl_Release. Remove 
the glBindBufferARB(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0) there too.

I will send a patch soon.
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