Progress in implementation of Direct3D

João Eiras joao.eiras at
Tue Feb 20 15:24:54 CST 2007

Na , Mirek <thunder.m at> escreveu:

> Hi, i would like to say "Thanks for your work!" to all wine developers.
> In past months there was realy big progress in implementation of
> Direct3D in wine (that part is most important for me) and other parts
> such Dinput, so I would like to introduce you some more sreenshots from
> latest Direct3D applications. I will try to post them on official wine
> website.
> To run third benchmark in 3DMark 2005 I used wined3d_3dmark05.diff.txt
> patch (from H. Verbeet)
> To run Call of Dutty 2 I used cod2.diff patch (my latest modification of
> patch against current CVS)
> All screenshots are from today CVS 20.02.2007 without patch "[9/10]
> WineD3D: Use VBOs for index buffers" which caused some regressions.
> or via IP:

Indeed excellent !

Damn ! I really want to play COD 2 on my pc :p

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