WineConf 2007 Fundraiser proposal

Tom Wickline twickline at
Wed Feb 21 20:11:06 CST 2007

Hello Everyone,

On February 14th I made a suggestion on the wine-conf mailing list
that we should have a annual Fund Raiser to help raise funds for our
annual Conference.

Jeremy replied with his thoughts/suggestions and some back ground info
on how the WPF funds have helped in the past.

>From this, I cobbled together a extremely rough Donations page..
Keep in mind this is still very much a work in progress and the
language within it needs major revisions.

The current discussion is now on whether or not a $1,000 donation is
sufficient for a front page listing for one year since our search rank
in so high.

Dan suggested that we join adsence, and I replied that I had already
suggested this in the past.

At this point there are many undecided questions about the original
suggestion of us having a fund raiser, as well as if we should join

If you have a opinion on this subject we would like (even suggest)
that  you to air them at this time before decisions are made.


Should we have a annual fundraiser to help with conference expenses?
Thus far the consciences is Yes.

What is a realistic goal?
I believe $10,000 is very doable.

What amount should we receive for a front page listing 'gold sponsor'?
Is $10,000 to much or to small of a amount? If we decide on $10,000
the goal should be revised to about $25,000

Should the Wine project join the adsence network?
With our high google page rank we are practically guaranteed to rake
in a mint :D

Comments and suggestions are at this time highly suggested!


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