[DSOUND] Implement a locking mechanism

M.B. Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 05:02:42 CST 2007

Robert Reif wrote:

> You shouldn't need to make any changes to direct sound.  You just need 
> to remove the flag DSDDESC_DONTNEEDPRIMARYLOCK from alsa and make the 
> necessary changes in alsa.  The direct sound hardware primary buffer 
> locking support is already in primary.c.

You are right, partially, primary.c already has support for it, but that is only used when the application chooses to write to the primary buffer directly, in most cases the primary buffer is only used directly by the directsound mixer, and that's the case this patch is trying to handle.
However the problem I have right now is that I miss some magic values so sound is a bit cumbersome, maybe someone with knowledge of dsound knows what I should put in there and be able to help me out a little.


PS: CC to people you address in your emails, not everyone receives messages from wine-devel mailing lists.

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