a big fan (now with bad news)

Jeffrey Sabarese core5fedora at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 02:53:05 CST 2007

hello there! thanks to all of you who replied to my inquiry about
"ies4linux" vs compatibility w/ such "Windows-native" apps as Bradbury
"TopStyle", HomeSite, etc...

As Joris stated, IE6 sp1 is available at the MS site. I downloaded my
own copy, but i haven't tried it yet because i think i "ruined" my
WinE this evening.

as my UserID (NOT as root),  i "re installed" the [.reg] files in the
ies4linux "faux directories"
(as in a command such as :: [ wine '../win.reg' ]) .

I tried [ yum remove wine ], and then [yum install wine] which went
without a hitch, but there's no change in my Primary User (the broken
HOWEVER, WinE continues to run perfectly under other user accounts, and ROOT.

How do i "restore" my WinE to a working state for my UserID? (because
only UserID is affected)
I wish to not destroy my Program Files while "repairing" WinE around
it--- if possible.

>From the primary UserID only, i can NOT launch [ winecfg.exe ] for
example in terminal, or anything WinE that i can tell. ([while root,
and other users were apparently not affected])

please help me to restore my "existing" Program files setup, if possible.
it is no "tragedy" if i can not, but i'd like to try. in any event-- i
do need to know how to "restore" it, maintaining program files or not.

thank you!!
best regards,

On 2/21/07, SorinN <nemes.sorin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Indeed  - ies4linux - don't use Wine folders - on other words - it use
> winelib but is on other place, where TopStyle and other windows
> programs don't know to look. I will try to talk with it's developer to
> suggest him to use an existing Wine installation ( is Wine exist
> already ).
> 2007/2/19, Jeffrey Sabarese <core5fedora at gmail.com>:
> > hi there! I have to wonder if i don't use WinE more than the "average"
> > Fedora Core 5 user. I am forever trying to figure out how to run my
> > old Windows apps here in the linux environment, using your incredible
> > software.
> >

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