unicoding xcopy - question on wcschr

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Fri Feb 23 10:06:10 CST 2007


Trying to convert my xcopy to Unicode proved simple on windows, but when
putting into wine has proved more interesting. Most of the wide string calls
are like lstrcmpW and they all work fine, but I really need the Unicode
equivalent to strchr and strrchr. As far as I can tell my only option is

If I build as-is, I get errors saying wcschr is implicitly defined but the
link etc is all ok (from a url
http://fgouget.free.fr/wine/PrgApps/Chap7.shtml#filerev it implies this is
because I am using the GNU C headers, and they don't define it in string.h).

Grepping the source, I can only find a hit inside the msvcrt/string.h or
wchar.h. If I add to the makefile EXTRAINCL = -I$(TOPSRCDIR)/include/msvcrt,
to ensure I pick up the wine headers, I now get warnings like:
./../include/msvcrt/ctype.h:72: warning: conflicting types for built-in
function 'iswalnum'

How do I #include / link a program using this function? It all just worked
under windows :-)


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