[6/13]D3D: Index buffer fixes

Mirek thunder.m at czela.net
Sat Feb 24 02:20:49 CST 2007

Stefan Dösinger napsal(a):
> Am Freitag 23 Februar 2007 21:44 schrieb Mirek:
>> Thanks! This patch fixed Oblivion and even Flatout 2!
> Cool.
> I wonder why disabling index buffer vbos entirely didn't fix flatout 2 :-O
> I sense that there will be some more regressions on cards that do not support 
> vbos.

Yes, it is realy strange, I tested it twice with same results. But now i 
tried it again, I first run 3D setup for Flatout 2, and after that game 
starts without any problems only with return; added in 
CreateIndexBufferVBO(). So it looks like it should work on cards without 


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