xcopy try 2

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Sat Feb 24 15:32:17 CST 2007

Hi Detlef,

Firstly thanks for taking the time to comment on this...

Configure.ac - I included that because another 'regular' developer who added
a dll recently added it (See:)
I'll leave it in for that reason unless there's a big problem with it (I
always thought you were supposed to send in configure.ac but not configure)

>There is no need for that define. 
>Remove that line to get a warning for all ANSI-Functions, that
>missed the "W"
>+    if (GetFullPathName(suppliedsource, MAX_PATH, 
>"W" missing: => GetFullPathNameW
>(More Functions in various locations and 

I disagree here - I don't think we should be coding with explicit W and A
method names, that's the whole point of the define, and when you look
through the MSDN it's the main symbol name which is used all the time, the W
and A ones are side effects of the implementation of the definitions. It
also mirrors what is used by e.g. oleview, wineconsole and winefile.

>+C_SRCS = \
Yes - my mistake, I'll fix that and resubmit it in try 3

>+/* Prototypes */
>This can be avoided completly, when you rearange your functions
>(so main() is then the last function in the file)

It can, but I also believed that putting prototypes was good programming
practice. Why would we not want them as they are harmless? They are easy
enough to remove, I just wanted justification.

>+   printf("Invalid number of parameters - Use xcopy /? for help\n");
>The text should be read from the resources, so it can be localized .
>You should convert the UNICODE-Message with WideCharToMultiByte.
>When the output-handle is the console, printing UNICODE-messages
>avoid converting the message twice (xcopy and kernel32) 

You wanted the patch small, remember :-) Lets leave that as something for a
later patch - I just want to get the infrastructure in first, then fix up
some of the other parameters, localization, help etc - Its something which
is trivial to do.

>This is wrong. tested with: "xcopy file1 file2 file3"

Yes, I'll also fix that in the try 3 resubmit (and your suggested solution
is fine). The code as it stands certainly isn't perfect especially as I am
just trying to put the minimum in to be functional, and some other error
checking may also be missing.

>(ToDo-Reminder: "xcopy file1 name_not_found" => is "name_not_found" a file
or a directory)

Its already in there (another string to be localized though!) - See middle
of XCOPY_ProcessDestParm.
>Thanks for your work. It's pretty good as start!

Thanks - its all pretty simple, and I am surprised how little code it is!


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