mingw linking problem

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at camline.com
Sun Feb 25 12:13:22 CST 2007


i'm trying to build wine/its dlls  with mingw. This fail for some dlls at the 
eg. comdlg32.dll misses the imports 

_IID_IContextMenu, _IID_IShellFolder, _IID_IPersistFolder2, 
_IID_IShellBrowser, _IID_ICommDlgBrowser, _IID_IShellView, 

My investigations are showing that mingw has the missing imports in 
libshell32.a., but the linker links against wine's shell32.dll.

The missing symbols are also in wine's libuuid.a, but this is not used because 
the linker does not see the file. When i extend the linker call 
with -L../../dlls/uuid i can link the comdlg32.dll successfully..

I have tried to find the symbols with strings on my win2k box, but the symbols 
are not there.

So the first question is: What is the correct way to build the dll? 

The second question when we agreed on the first one is: Can someone please fix 
configure/Makefile.in to work properly .

Thanks Stefan
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