GDI surfaces, GDI heap and wined3d's VideoMemorySize

Rok Mandeljc rok.mandeljc at
Sun Feb 25 14:57:00 CST 2007

Hey all,

I've been experiencing an odd behavior in Baldur's Gate 2; when
"VideoMemorySize" registry key for wined3d is set to anything greater
than 64MB (69MB, actually), it stops before playing intro movie,
printing following line:
err:clipping:CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion hVisRgn is zero. Please report this.

Tracing the source of issue by inserting custom traces I got the following:
IDirectDrawImpl_CreateNewSurface -> IWineD3DDeviceImpl_CreateSurface
(decides to use GDI surface) -> IWineGDISurfaceImpl_PrivateSetup ->
IWineD3DSurfaceImpl_GetDC ->
CreateCompatibleDC -> CreateRectRgn -> REGION_CreateRegion ->
GDI_AllocObject -> alloc_large_heap

alloc_large_heap fails because it can't find next large handle and
returns NULL, which is passed up the chain, where CreateCompatibleDC
puts it in dc->hVisRgn. Then DC_InitDC is called with that dc, which
calls CLIPPING_UpdateGCRegion, and that one finally chokes on it,
printing afore-mentioned line and calling exit(1).

Now, when the game is run with 64MB of VideoMemorySize, upon reaching
the same point, IDirectDrawImpl_CreateNewSurface returns
"IWineD3DDevice_GetAvailableTextureMem(iface) <= _size" check in
D3DCREATERESOURCEOBJECTINSTANCE macro) and intro movie starts playing.
So it seems Baldur's Gate 2 is trying to create as many surfaces as
possible before running out of memory. And the problem arises when
specified memory size is large enough to take up all GDI's heap...

Sorry for the long-winded description of the problem, but I'm not sure
where and how this should be fixed (is it wined3d issue or should GDI
have its heap enlarged?), otherwise I'd do it myself...

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