dplay: directplay should initialize session Guid patch +conformance tests

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Tue Feb 27 06:30:59 CST 2007

"Alessandro Pignotti" <alex.pigna at inventati.org> wrote:

> +BOOL FAR PASCAL EnumConnectionsCallback(LPCGUID lpguidSP, LPVOID lpConnection,
> + DWORD dwConnectionSize, LPCDPNAME lpName, DWORD dwFlags, 
> + LPVOID lpContext)
> +{

This doesn't look like a proper type of callb ack for IDirectPlayX_EnumConnections.

> +  bzero(&sessionDesc,sizeof(DPSESSIONDESC2));
> +  bzero(&zeroGuid,16);

Use memset instead of non-portable bzero.


This initialization is redundant.

If you also could use 4 spaces indents instead of tabs, and add an empty line
after data declarations that would be nice as well.

And a personal opinion: all that lines without a single space delimiting
variables, functions, equal signs are absolutely not readable.


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