Commit 37591409b28c2000e70bd0d3c654a3a7559a4a26 breaks accentuation

Pedro Araujo Chaves Jr. inckie at
Tue Feb 27 09:14:50 CST 2007

Hi all,

After some regression testing, I found out that commit
37591409b28c2000e70bd0d3c654a3a7559a4a26 by Dmitry Timoshkov breaks
accentuation - at least for Brazilian Portuguese in Lotus Notes R5.

I did some testing and found out that only TrueType fonts are affected
- that is, the fonts Notes lists as 'default foo' without the double-T
icon are all accented properly. To make matters worse, the affected
fonts don't behave the same way.

For example, the string

áéíóú ÁÉÍÓÚ àèìòù ÀÈÌÒÙ ãõ ÃÕ âêîôû ÂÊÎÔÛ äëïöü ÄËÏÖÜ

renders as

įéķóś ĮÉĶÓŚ ąčģņł ĄČĢŅŁ ćõ ĆÕ āźīōū ĀŹĪŌŪ äėļöü ÄĖĻÖÜ

with Trebuchet MS. You can see they're pretty different - well, most
of you, at least.

However, that's only a display-and-print issue, as I can copy the text
and paste it elsewhere, and the accents are in their right places (and
in the right letters, for that matter) - as one would expect.

Regarding Microsoft fonts, by the way, Calibri, Candara, Consolas,
Constantia, Corbel, Segoe Print, and Segoe Script (couldn't test
Cambria) all behave exactly like Trebuchet MS, whereas Segoe UI
behaves just like Times New Roman, which shows problems only with
graves and tildes. However the behavior is kinda random among the many
other fonts (from many unrelated sources, of course) I tested, so I
(still) didn't do an exhaustive check for a pattern.

Would anybody have any word on this?


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