Using ex-user32 controls from native comctl32 6

Felix Nawothnig flexo at
Wed Feb 28 11:26:48 CST 2007

(CC-ing to Frank Richter because I hope he knows the answer :)


I've been trying to make wine use the ex-user32 controls (listbox, 
scrollbox, etc.) in comctl32 where Microsoft copied them to in version 6
to get message traces of those controls (I know I could use msg spy 
tools on Windows but comparing two Wine spy logs is way more straight 
forward, especially since those tools don't get you stuff like +win).

You need a manifest file on Windows to get application to use comctl6 
but we don't use that since we've chosen to theme the user controls via 

I've tried to just remove registration of the classes from our user32 
and use native comctl32 6 (which otherwise works nice) but no success.

So, any idea how Windows makes comctl32 register the user classes?


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