winbench '96 (and '97)

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jan 1 00:42:40 CST 2007

After trying out Winbench '99 without too much success,
I managed to buy a copy of Winbench '96 on ebay for $3 or so.
It seems a little closer to running -- the things
that stop it appear to be more garden variety problems,
not whacky COM stuff.

While there aren't any more copies on ebay, I discovered
that searching for winbench
found three books that come with a copy of the tool:

"Using Windows 95 : Platinum Edition" (0789707977) comes with Winbench '96

"Optimizing Windows 95 & Windows NT 4.0" ( 0789708418)
comes with Winbench '97

"Tom's Hardware Guide" (0789716860) comes
with an unspecified version, maybe '99 (which is downloadable
anyway, so maybe that's not so interesting).

I guess I'll pick up a copy of that one that comes with Winbench '97
just for completeness...
- Dan

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