winex11: Use GLXFBConfig for the pixel format list

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Mon Jan 1 04:54:35 CST 2007

-------- Original-Nachricht --------

> >          TRACE(" make current for dis %p, drawable %p, ctx %p\n",
> gdi_display, (void*) drawable, ctx->ctx);
> > +        X11DRV_expect_error(gdi_display, error_catcher, NULL);
> >          ret = pglXMakeCurrent(gdi_display, drawable, ctx->ctx);
> > +        X11DRV_expect_error(gdi_display, NULL, NULL);
> >          NtCurrentTeb()->glContext = ctx;
> >          if(ret)
> >          {
> Can you explain this one a bit? Your error_catcher() does nothing,
> except ignoring the error. Yet here you assuming that calls succeeded
> and continue on, assigning the context to a thread which won't have the
> context assigned.
> Vitaliy.

Please don't try to catch any error like a BadMatch which can appear there. It is easier if it really appears there to warn us instead of failing just to the windows app.

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