Wine 32-bit address space

Nick Burns adger44 at
Mon Jan 1 05:19:38 CST 2007

Ok that is understandable -- but if wine takes up the entire 4gb address 
space -- where are builtin libs supposed to live ((be mapped)/alloc to)?

(im assuming that opengl is a builtin lib -- in this context)

In my case If I let wine take up my entire address space -- libraries (like 
opengl) will get angry when it can no longer allocate memory (like for 
textures, bufer objects, contexts, various random temporary allocations, 
etc... )

Why not let builtin libs (like opengl) use that 3gb -> 4gb space (since wine 
does not use it)?

But maybe that would cause problems if builtin libs returned addresses in 
that space? (not sure)

- Nick

>From: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>
>To: "Nick Burns" <adger44 at>
>CC: wine-devel at
>Subject: Re: Wine 32-bit address space
>Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 11:29:51 +0100
>"Nick Burns" <adger44 at> writes:
> > The range 3GB (0xC0000000) - 4GB (0xFFFFFFFF) is considered system
> > memory and apps should not write here (not sure why you would want to
> > read from there either).
> >
> > But Wine tries to mmap this range (on Mac OSX at least)
> >
> > I was wondering why this is?
> > Should this range just be left as it is? -- is there a reason to mmap
> > this range?
>Yes, it's to prevent things like builtin libraries from being mapped
>there, since it's a range the Window apps don't expect to see.
>Alexandre Julliard
>julliard at

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