ppviewer.exe MSI failure (PowerPoint 2k3): HowTo assemble a lynch

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Jan 1 10:41:46 CST 2007

Andreas wrote:
> [ppviewer 2003]
> failed to install with some nice MSI failures when I tried it last week on a current
> Wine version (Ubuntu package 0.9.28, I think).
> Does that mean that I'm entitled to assemble a capable lynch mob for the guys
> who were supposed to fix any and all MSI installer issues at CodeWeavers? ;)

First: it's not even funny with the smily.  You have no idea how hard MSI was.
Second: they weren't all Codeweavers guys.
Third: did you file a bug?  Tsk.
Fourth: carrots work better than sticks.  I'd say your best
bet is to send James Hawkins a couple of pizzas :-)
- Dan

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