RFC: Patch better support for DevMode

Nick Burns adger44 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 1 04:56:29 CST 2007

After looking at the behavior on xp and wine for EnumDisplaySettingsA and 
EnumDisplaySettingsW before and after a window has been created (I wrote a 
little program to dump the devmodes), I noticed that the devmode structs 
that wine gives back are lacking some fields.

Attached is a patch that fills out the devmode structs out quite a bit more 
(similar to how XP does it).
This does not fix the issue that when you do not create a window you get 
different behavior if you have an emulated desktop (i would like soem help 
with this part).
Also attached is log_dev_pfd.zi_  -- it is a zip file (sorry about this but 
the log files are too big)
   ogl_fullscreen.cpp: source for the app that I used to test 
   wine_log_dev_pfd.txt: wine log from app (using an emulated desktop)
   nv34_log_dev_pfd.txt: log from nv34 using xp driver
   rv250_log_dev_pfd.txt: log from rv250 using xp driver

I would like some help with the behavior difference before and after window 
creation (visible in wine_log_dev_pfd.txt -- the fullscreen modes that are 
supported should not change)

And would like any comments on the patch

Also -- I would like to get the correct driver names in there and not just 
-- desktop/NoRes

- Nick

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