ntdll: remove an unnecessary NULL check : Coverity

Jeff L lats at yless4u.com.au
Tue Jan 2 00:28:38 CST 2007

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Jeff Latimer" <lats at yless4u.com.au> wrote:
>> Coverity Cid:344 highlighted a REVERSE-INULL.  This patch removes the 
>> redundant null tests as it is clear from the code above that the 
>> pointer has already been used to dereference and can't be null.
> Yes, 'attr' is used without a NULL check earlier, but that's an actual
> bug, and that's where the code needs to be fixed.
So in this case my change is ok for the tidy up that it is, it just that 
there is another problem.  Is this in bugzilla?


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