dbghelp: Search for .gnu_debuglink file

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 2 02:47:30 CST 2007

Frank Richter a écrit :
> The .gnu_debuglink section contains only a bare filename, however, the 
> debug file can be in a number of locations. These are stated in the 
> GDB manual and are now searched when a .gnu_debuglink is encountered.

a couple of remarks:
- there are memory leaks in the code (moduleDir can be leaked, as well 
as the newly found pathname)
- for the code to still be readable, I'd rather but in a single function 
all the processing required, ie. do it the same way as for the other 
debug information: if the .gnu_debuglink section is found, map it, and 
then let this new function handle the lot


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