World of Warcraft Progress

darckness cyrix12 at
Tue Jan 2 02:51:37 CST 2007


First off, I'd like to say happy 2007!  Hope you all did some good
celebrating.  I know I did ;)

Anyway, I've been doing some testing on World of Warcraft, and I noticed
some things of interest (Latest wine version from cvs/git, no patches

First off, the D3D (DX9) runs MUCH better (faster and more smoothly)
than the OGL mode.  Big kudos to you guys; last time I played, the D3D
mode was completely unusable because there was no D3D support in wine.
Very impressive.

The OGL performance isn't bad by any means, but it isn't great either.
I was running some traces as I played, but nothing in particular seemed
to be the culprit in terms of choppiness, so it's possible that it
could just be my system.  I'll write back soon when I have more
conclusive evidence.  Additionally, OGL mode crashes any time I attempt
to change a video setting, something that does not happen in D3D mode.

The load time (both startup and between zones/etc) is at least 10x
faster than it used to be.  I know that Blizzard has been working on
this a bit, but based on what I've seen on systems running Windows, the
load time reduction seems largely due to improvements in wine.

I guess my only real complaint at this point, since the D3D mode woks
so well, is that the X cursor still shows up in the game window along
with the game cursor.  I vaguely recall having this problem a long long
time ago in OGL mode, but I can't remember exactly what caused it or how
it was fixed.  Anyone have a better memory than I do?

That's pretty much the state of WoW at the


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