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Tue Jan 2 19:26:59 CST 2007

On 1/2/07, Jeff L <lats at yless4u.com.au> wrote:
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> > According to MSDN, the "pending" error is to give the calling app a
> > chance to select the matching font back into the DC if the information
> > wasn't cached.  I think that the get_script_cache function is broken,
> > in that it should return the pending error if the HDC isn't provided,
> > since the HDC in the cache might no longer have the same font
> > selected.  However maybe some applications don't deal with the pending
> > case properly.
> The functionality tests ok in Windows the way it is implemented.  What
> you are asking for is not the way it actually works.  Having tested a
> few applications, they all seem to handle the E_PENDING ok.  In Windows
> the cache contains font info to speed up the uniscribe processing so
> many apps only pass the psc and not the HDC.  There is a rule that once
> you have an script_cache the caller can't change the font.  If he does
> it is his fault and he can fix it.  In our case we currently only seek
> conformance with Windows.

That's distinctly not what MSDN documentation and the associated
example code reads:

"If the device context is passed as NULL and Uniscribe needs to access
it for any reason, Uniscribe returns the error code E_PENDING. This
code is returned quickly, allowing the application to avoid
time-consuming SelectObject calls."

Whereas the current implementation will silently access an HDC even if
the application passed NULL, which means the application doesn't get a
chance to SelectObject the right font.

> Jeff Latimer

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